Imported notes go to thoughts collection

Hi, been banging my head to figure this out but wondering if it’s just a bug?

I imported a number of cards from Obsidian, maybe into the wrong collection? But now they are all stuck in thoughts and mention “no title, no content, etc…”. They definitely have title and content…

Or am I missing something?

Sorry, figured it out, it goes into “Thoughts” when the following condition is not met…

title AND content AND (parents OR children)

And as imported cards come in without parents or children they end up as thoughts.

Yep, that’s how it works, glad you figured it out.

We will make a note to see if we can’t make this more clear for new users.

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Thanks for the reply @Connor think the lingo for the collections (screenshot) is confusing, but can’t come up with something better for now.