Importing from Logseq

Besides the importing ability from Roam and Obsidian, the two biggest ‘commercial’ tools in the market I think it might be useful to also think about adding an automatic import from Logseq - either for specified (marked) blocks or for the whole graph.

Logseq is somewhat an open-source and own-your-data and "polished"0and faster alternative to RoamResearch, very sleek and performing blazing fast with very engaged and committed devs. It’s gonna become a really great tool, entering beta somewhen the next days.

It might be nice to be able to upload to SN automatically from Logseq - one, cause it could act like some automatic backup with some plus-features for users with locally kept files and two because it adds a whole additional universe of collaboration and sharing functions even on the level of blocks.

Might be an idea to look into the great number of possibilities and possible use cases here :slight_smile:

Hi @swagman,

Thanks for the feature request. An automatic import is definitely a great idea from Logseq or even other tools. We’ve recently improved our API so feel free to take a look! We will also be releasing a Zapier integration soon to allow you to quickly connect Supernotes to all your other apps, for automatic syncing and more!