Improved "Tasks" View

As a User I would like to have the option to see only the tasks of the card in the Tasks view. Which I can expand to see the full card.

My Problem:
With longer notes that are displayed in the “Standard Mode”, the bottom part is not visible.
If a Task is in that hidden part, I can’t directly see the Task in the Task View without Maximizing all notes or clicking the “See more” button.

What I would want
I would like to have the option to only see the Card Title and the tasks that are on that NoteCard, and only when I decide to show more context of the Card display the rest of it. I.e. like the Minimised View, but without minimising the Tasks.

When I want to quickly get a glance at open tasks from my notes, often the Context around that tasks is not very important to me. The Card Title and Task itself are enough and only in specific szenarios I would see more context of that card.

I think a similar topic has been created before Mark as Task and view Task list - #2 by tobias with the critic that a card is the smallest unit of information. With this approach you can keep it like that but have another view option of a specific card that you already provide in the “View as…” menu anyways.

Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

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A different thought, but would something like this support your use-case?

This is would be in line with the backlinks implementation. To hide the cards’ contents, you could then select the already available option Display cards as minimized.

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Yes that would definitely be something I Would be happy with.
As long as it’s something that is preselected if you open the Tasks Collection.
My main issue is that the Tasks collection shows a lot of unnecessary content that has little to do with the mark down tasks itself.