Indexed cards do not appear in the Sidebar until you reload the page

If you open or index a card it will not appear in the Sidebar until you reload the SN page (reproducible both on iOS/iPadOS 14 and Big Sur, Safari).

Hi Valery, I cannot reproduce this on our end.

Do you have any more information about when in particular this is happening?

Keep in mind that cards which are children of other cards will not show up in the root of the tree, but only underneath any parents they are in.

Here is the video.
(Create new card ‘test’ and index it, then create another new card ‘test2’ and open it - they do not appear in the Sidebar)

Here is a Sidebar after I reload the SN web-app (Cmd+R):

Big Sur, Safari.

Thanks for the video.

This is potentially a problem with the new versions of Safari that we unfortunately cannot support while it is yet unreleased.

However we will keep looking into this in case the issue turns out to be more generic.

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