Initial thoughts, hiccups and bugs

Hi there,

As a short-time Obsidian user, I came across this app somewhere on Hacker News, and I figured I’d give it a shot. I’d like to share my initial observations, maybe it can help you out :slightly_smiling_face: .

  • I could not easily find (from the “Home” screen) how to add tags to my notes.
    • Typing #tagname did not do anything. I learnt this from Obsidian but it is an absolute godsend of a feature. I highly recommend adding it.
  • Sharing seems a little… impractical?
    • From what I’ve gathered about sharing, it’s on a per-note basis. What if I want to share all notes that are tagged a certain category?
    • All levels of access seem to give some form of power that lets people do things. I think I just don’t understand the “Ghost” user yet, but it’s a bit hard to figure out what to choose when I want them to be read-only. (More specifically, it is not clear at all if “Ghost”, or any of the levels of access really, are registered users or guests. Clarifying this on the docs page would help.)
  • Clicking outside or inside of a card did not start/stop editing it.
    • I’m not if this is intentional or not, but it’s an intuition I’ve picked up from Trello and Jira and the likes. No judgement if it’s intended this way!
  • Shift+Space always brings me to an “Uh Oh” page.
  • Space always tells me “Card not found”. I’m not sure what the inteded behavior is but I feel like this isn’t it!
  • When trying to search using Ctrl+F I have to press Enter to search. This bothers me way more than I thought it would!
  • Visual effect on Cheatsheet makes the closing button very hard to use: ShareX GIF | Gfycat

I hope you’ll forgive me for not going out of my way to make an article/bug report for each and every one of these as multiple of the points above are deal breakers for me. I just hope it helps you polish your product.

Kind regards,


Hi @joriskt,

Thanks for sharing your in-depth feedback!

At the moment, every additional element is added through our “Universal Coupler” menu, which pops up when you type a forward slash (by default) or press the ( + ) button in the top right of the card. We will be improving this menu to also appear inline for certain commands such as Tags (with #), Parents (with >) and Links (with [[).

You can share entire hierarchies of notes with users and can be very powerful once you get used to it. I highly recommend watching this brief tutorial on our sharing. Even though the video is slightly out of date, it will help you grasp the core concepts of sharing.

The Ghost role is someone who can view the content but not comment on the card. Eventually we would like the ‘Ghost’ role to version lock a card so the member can only see that card with no future updates (but this requires version control which is coming soon)

This is intentional, so you can edit a card and copy bits from other cards / look up other cards with cmd / ctrl + k while editing. If you start editing another card within the noteboard, Supernotes will automatically finish the initial card.

This looks like a bug with stale cache. Please logout and log back in and this keybinds should function correctly.

Thanks for the feedback, we will look into improving these interactions in the next update.

I hope this is helpful, let us know if you have any additional comments and we will be happy to help. I also highly recommend booking a free onboarding session as it really helps to introduce the core concepts and get you started with Supernotes :slight_smile: