Inline graphics

I was wondering if there is interest for adding some kind of direct graphics input to cards? Inspired by the excel LaTeX support through KaTex, I initially thought that perhaps adding support for TikZ, maybe through could be an option. Basically, I’d love to be able to write e.g. $$\circle{1in}$$ to have a circle with 1in radius added to the card.
Not exactly a high priority, but perhaps something that would be cool to have at some point.


A very interesting suggestion, haven’t heard of TikZ before, we have previously thought about adding Mermaid. Will see what we can do!

If anyone else would like support for this, please like this comment.


Oh, I hadn’t heard of Mermaid before; it definitely looks like a better fit for Supernotes than Tikz. I couldn’t tell from the documentation whether it supports basic shapes like circles, squares, etc. It looks more geared towards higher level charts. The nice thing about Tikz is that you can basically draw anything.


I think being able to draw diagram for mathematics is a really good idea. I would love to see that.

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+1 for TikZ

Is there currently any way to add LaTeX graphics/shapes? Or any way outside of LaTeX? I’m looking to add shapes and graphs to my Calculus notes.

Hi @gavischneider,

There is no way to add shapes to Supernotes yet. Although you can drag and drop any image onto a card if you have an external program that can create graphics / shapes and export to jpg / png.

We want to support this in the future, but right now we are focusing on implementing offline editing and mobile apps.

Thanks for replying Tobias

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