Insert Current Date / Time

It’d be a nice feature to insert the current date or time with a reasonable shortcut, maybe from the coupler.

For my workflow, I make a note per day to keep as a short activity journal, I’ve come over from LogSeq which had a shortcut of / and “current time”. which would allow me to quickly prefix lines with the current time.

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Try TextExpander. I use it on both windows and iOS and find its flexibility in building expansions is good enough for me to get the date and time expanded into a format I really like and works in file names.

Hi @nikdoof, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

This is an interesting proposal. I’m wondering if we can improve this even further and add dynamic variables into the existing “templates” option in the coupler. So you write ${current time} or ${current date} in the template it will convert it automatically.

In the meantime, as @JohnJ mentioned, there’s lots of OS wide tools that can do this functionality (which might even be better from a workflow perspective, so you can use the same shortcut in messaging apps as well). Raycast is another app that can do this and has been mentioned a couple times here in the forum.


@Tobias, Working the date/time into tempIates sounds good to me, and I would definitely use it. Could these proposed date/time variables be used in card titles? The current date would be useful with options for British, American, and standard international formats.

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Upvoting this feature request - it’d be great to have this to use with templates or even just as a button (like Drafts does it). One hotkey to insert a formatted date/time would be very useful, especially if possible for use in card titles as mentioned.

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It would be nice to be able to customize the date format as well, like in moment.js.
This way user’s could control what gets pasted, e.g. “YYYY-MM-DD ddd”

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