Integrate OpenAI into Supernotes

Not sure if you have watched newest (finished ~30 mins ago) OpenAI Developer Keynote, I feel like the new Assistant API endpoint introduction might be a huge quick win for you to explore. My notes and useful links to explore here:


Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve experimented with adding AI in the past, and haven’t been enamored with some of the tradeoffs. This new Assistants API does look quite nice though.

As always, we will continue to investigate and see what we can do. Our ethos around adding AI to a note-taking app requires a higher bar than you’ll see from some of the other players in the space, but we will never say never.


The new chat interfaces that apps are adding are fantastic. Mem is going all in, but their note-taking experience isn’t there.

But there is something pretty amazing about being able to go into Mem and type in the Chat: What was the feedback I got from the dashboard? And then it gives me a summary of what everyone said and then links to the note. That is pretty awesome.

I don’t need AI implementation to rewrite things, I can do that on ChatGPT and paste it back in if I need to. But a chat interface to be able to pull out notes using natural language is great. I’ve been playing with Notion’s QA feature and it’s pretty good. Notion is a little too “all over the place” for me, but it works really well.

I would love to see that in Supernotes and you know that if you guys put it in, it would look ten times better than any other implementation out there!