Introduction by total newbie

Hi Folks,

My name is John and I am a US citizen, retired and living in Thailand. I am a total newbie with Supernotes, but very experienced with Evernote. I got my Supernotes subscription in under the wire with the lifetime option as I was so impressed with the tool and its possibilities.

I am planning to use the system mostly to make a set of flashcards to use in learning to speak and read Thai. I think I heard somewhere that V2.0 will include some hide/reveal functionality that will be useful for using note-cards as flashcards, and maybe some spaced repetition features like Anki, which I have struggled with a bit. I’m still very much in my exploratory phase with the tool and kind of waiting for V2.0 to really dig in.

I’ve watched all the videos on the Supernotes YouTube account and I am starting to form a bit of a note tree. Like others, I am having a bit of trouble with when to use Link markdown vs parent/child relationships, but I’ve been following that topic in the forum. I saw Francesco’s Youtube Channel called “Keep Productive” do both a tutorial/introduction of Supernotes and an interview with @connor and @tobias. Very helpful, both.

I would appreciate any pointers to new and/or helpful tutorial material and general guidance in getting trained-up in the system.

In closing, I’m 1) very impressed with the tool, 2) happy to be able to interact with a community about what it can do, 3) like everyone, looking forward to the release of V2.0, and 4) also excited about learning how to use the app on iOS.

Looking forward to future interactions with you all, and getting to the point where it is as natural to use Supernotes for me as it is for me to use Evernote. BTW: I don’t see Supernotes as a replacement for Evernote. Evernote will probably remain my primary document repository and simple Kanban-like task list. I see Supernotes fitting in for helping me to learn and retain new skills.


– John


A couple current hide/reveal tricks: (1) Minimize a card to its title (using the left arrow key), and reveal its content with the right arrow key. (2) Use Markdown syntax to blur out text; you can then hover over the blurred out text to reveal the text. The Supernotes cheatsheet lists the basic syntax explanations for that and other formatting features.

I’m not sure if v2 has any other flashcard or new spaced repetition features. You should check to see in the forum if that feature request has been made or implemented. --John

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