iOS: Share to Supernotes (include link when sharing)

Hey guys,

I had a feature request - are you able to amend Share to SuperNotes to also include the link of what you’re sharing for future reference for iOS? At the moment, if I share to SuperNotes from a website, it only copies across the title and then I have to go in and manually add the link.

I saw a similar chain where this was discussed for Android and subsequently deemed out of scope (I’m starting a new chain as I use iPhone so can’t really comment for Android) but I think it’s quite important to not only include the text of the title but also the link of the source for workflow efficiency purposes. This is fairly common for Apple based applications anyways - a couple of examples I can think of straightaway:

  1. Things 3 - if you share to Things you not only get the title but also the link - example image below:

  1. iMessage - this does similar to the above - example image below:

Is this something you’re able to consider? I think Share to SuperNotes would be super powerful and useful with that functionality to also include the link automatically on iOS.


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Hi @Fizzster21, just to let you know this is live if you haven’t seen already. The team pushed this a few months ago :smile:

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