(iPad) Highlighting Text - Keyboard Shortcut

Hey @Connor, @tobias ,

Not sure if this is already implemented but is there a shortcut on iPad to highlight text in edit mode? Unfortunately Cmd + H shortcut that works so well on MacBook doesn’t translate to iPad as on iPad (Cmd + H) is the universal shortcut to go to the Home Screen.

Perhaps a tweaked shortcut to Cmd + Shift + H would serve this purpose specifically for iPad users?


Hi @Fizzster21,

We could make this key Ctrl H if that isn’t bound to anything? Or does that also go to the Home Screen?

Ctrl H isn’t bound to anything for me

Hi @tobias,

For some reason, Ctrl + H functions as the backspace for me when I try it in edit mode - not sure if that is intended behaviour. If it isn’t then happy for that to be the shortcut, otherwise, if it helps simplify, I think Cmd + Shift + H works as well.


Due to multiple conflicting and non-working shortcuts on iPadOS, rather than having a mismatch of Ctrl and Cmd shortcuts, we will be moving all shortcuts on iOS to be Ctrl by default like on Windows, Linux and Android.

We hope this works as a better solution! We will test out the highlight key especially to make sure it isn’t overridden by the backspace functionality you found @Fizzster21. In the meantime you can also customize iPadOS’ default Shortcuts to make sure they don’t override Supernotes shortcuts.

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