Is it possible to change layout of cards to make it have two rows?

First of all sorry for my English if I’m not being clear enough.
Is it possible to change the card layout so when it displays it has two or more rows?
This is because when I view it on my desktop, it is quite empty on both sides of the cards.
Also, this will be better if I can realign the cards by drag & drop if that’s possible.
That way, I can view the card I want side-by-side.

Hi @Sivvie, welcome to the Supernotes community. Haha don’t apologise, your English is very clear!

We will add support for new layouts including a ‘tiled’ and ‘graph’ view, in the near future. At the moment you can pin important cards to the side of the screen if you would like another row of cards (

You can currently use drag and drop with card names, to drag a card and add it as a child to another card. However drag and drop reordering is another feature on our roadmap, and I have added a +1 for this!

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Hi @tobias , thanks for the reply!
I’m glad those are on the roadmaps, I will wait for them to release and meanwhile I will use the pin feature!
Thank you so much for the response and also for making Supernotes such a great product!

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Just going off slightly but having a card that either you can change the size of or changes automatically would be good. I use tables in my notes but at the moment if the table exceeds the width of the note it becomes unusable. At the moment I still use Evernote and paste a link in. Not the best.

Any ideas guys.