Is it possible to remap keyboard shortcuts?

Supernote is a different mac app as it doesn’t seem to have a menu with the various keystrokes for various functions. That means that I cannot use the standard mac keyboard app-specific tools to redefine keystrokes.

I realized this as I much prefer command-] and command-[ for indent and outdent and not tab and shift-tab. It’s more apple-like and is easier to do on the fly than shift-tab for me.

Can I remap keystrokes somehow?

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Hi @chipbrock,

At the moment, it’s not possible to modify keyboard shortcuts. Although Cmd + ], Cmd + [ already works for indent / outdent?

Oh, good grief. You’re right. I don’t know now where I got the tab/ shift-tab instruction. Not the cheatsheet…maybe from intro-docs… dunno

anyhow, I’ll delete this question after a bit when you’ve had time to note my red face…

Sorry to fill your box.

No need to worry at all, totally valid question!

It’s not obvious anywhere that we support those keybindings, and you’ve made a good point we should put this more clearly in the docs / cheatsheet.