Is there a better way for setting the status of a card?

Hello … I wanted to ask for some advice.

I use a mix of active recall, spaced repetition and the “retrospective calendar” to repeat my knowledge elements. For doing that, I tag the cards with colored bullets (:red_circle:, :yellow_circle: and :green_circle:) and then sort them in ascending order by the date of the last edit - thanks to a recent update, you can now also see this on the card itself.
So I start with the :red_circle: cards that were last edited the longest ago. However, I now had the problem that in some cases - unfortunately - nothing changed in the status and they were still red. To change the date of the last edit anyway, I deleted the tag and then added it again immediately afterwards.

Is there a better workflow for this?
I know that it was once discussed that the meta tags should be expanded … is there perhaps something more concrete in the pipeline?


Would manually updating the targeted date work? After you look at a card, just change the target date to the current date, that way you don’t need to edit the card for your sort to work. Would that accomplish the flow you need?

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Good idea with the targeted date, but I was and am still happy to see the date on the card itself - because then I see in a glimpse how long I didn‘t review this card …

Maybe it could be more of a dropdown. I had this workflow when I used Notion …

I guess the idea is to set the targeted date - despite its name - to today.

Oh - I was wrong … with setting the targeted date the edited date updates automatically - I forgot that

Thanks for sharing this workflow @isaiur! We’re introducing a new timestamp menu in 3.1, that will allow you to quickly get an overview of all the date properties a card has, as well as change the targeted date faster.

Timestamp Menu

Although I’m sure there’s ways we can improve this workflow for you even more, we will keep this in mind :slight_smile:


:fearful: - that’s awesome! Can’t wait (it’s hard :crazy_face:) for 3.1 … I’m so exited to discover all the things you’ve added

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You gave us an idea @isaiur. In programming there’s a touch command that updates the modification time of the file. So we added the ability to “touch” cards in the upcoming Timestamp menu.


This will work on both Desktop and Mobile and you will also be able to do this keyboard only with upcoming “interact with…” menu. Looking forward to sharing this with you very soon!


That looks very smooth! Could that be possible for some tags. That you have a status like those colored bullets or some steps (idea, planned, in progress, done) like a dropdown? That you don’t have to cut the tag and add the new one?

Yes totally! We’ve got plans to overhaul tags in a future update and I’ve added that point for us to discuss internally then :wink:

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