Issue Scrolling on iPadOS w/ External Mouse

Hey there,

I use Supernotes on an iPad with an external mouse and keyboard. I haven’t run into this issue with other apps, but on Supernotes most of the time I can’t scroll using my mouse scroll wheel. An trackpad actually works fine, it’s specifically a mouse that has the issue.

I found if I start scrolling on the iPad screen, I can keep scrolling using the mouse. But It won’t let me start scrolling using the mouse.

It’s tough to capture an example but let me know if something would be helpful.

Hi @Itsben,

We’ll look into this, thanks for letting us know. Very strange that it works with a trackpad but not with a mouse.

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@tobias just wanted to see if you guys were able to take a look at this? Let me know if any more info would be useful.

Hopefully there’s an easy fix. It makes using the app with a mouse basically impossible (unless you start using hand gestures for scrolling instead). Would be much appreciated :pray:


Hi @Itsben,

I just had another look at it now, and tested the behaviour on a physical iPad Pro device. You’re indeed correct, for both the sidebar and the noteboard – scrolling with a bluetooth mouse doesn’t work.

I’ve raised the priority of this and we will hopefully get a fix out in 3.1 for you. In the meantime, you can use the keyboard up and down arrow keys to flick through cards without using a mouse, I hope that helps!


Thank you!! :pray: :pray: