Issues with changes to Hierarchy syncing across devices

I notice that whenever I rearrange the hierarchy of some group of cards (creating/deleting/moving parent and children cards, etc), that when I open Supernotes on a different device, the Outline & card structures are not showing up in sync on the new device. The reliable fix for this is to just Restart the app and it will reload in a synced state.

This isn’t a big issue, but ideally these hierarchy/metadata changes to cards should sync properly without needing to restart the app (this sometimes messes up Sort orders for some cards, changes the views back to List View, etc.).

Is this a known issue/is there a fix planned for this?


Hi @moose,

Thanks for letting us know, we will have a further look into this and see if we can make the syncing of the hierarchy even more reliable.

Appreciate it - thanks :slightly_smiling_face: