Just becoming a Subscribed Member

Dear community, Tobias, and another Developer(s) [sorry, I don’t know your name(s)]

I recently subscribed to SN after Tobias informed me on platform X that the PNG export function would soon be available. Also, I’m particularly fond of SN’s design and used it frequently in the past three months. Thus, it is time to make a payment to thank you for giving me that enjoyment.

I don’t mean to pressure you, but deciding on a four-year subscription is not a decision I take lightly. As a student with limited income, this choice adds an element of risk and concern. While I can handle minor disappointments, please avoid any major letdowns that could significantly impact my experience.

Please continue to update and add more features in the future!

Additionally, I’m unsure of the number of Chinese SN users, but if possible, could you please provide a word count for Chinese? Currently, it appears as “900 characters · 7 words”.

My X (Twitter): Marvix


Welcome to the club! We appreciate your willingness to help fund the continued development and improvement of Supernotes. We have a lot of fun things in the works which we are sure will only make SN better going forward – looking forward to sharing those with you!

Yes, exporting a card as a PNG will soon be an option, in addition to other export improvements that should be landing soon.

We actually do have a number of Chinese users, who have been very helpful in pointing out other shortcomings of the platform when it comes to CJK languages, including major improvements to search. Thank you for pointing out this word count issue, we’ll have that fixed in the next version :blush:

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