Just signed in, a couple of short comments

Hi there,

After a few months of telling myself “this seems to be a really interesting app, I should check it out” I have finally created an account and I am testing it.
Thus far I really love it and I see many use cases for which I could rely on it (priority is flashcards for learning vocabulary in foreign languages, in my case). Very complementary to the traditional “document” note-taking apps (Notion, Evernote…) and the outliner (Dyanlist, Workflowy,…).

I just want to report a few very minor things that have surprised me:

  1. Colours
    It seems to me that the colours have been chosen/optimized for the day view. Most of them do not come out so nicely in dark mode. I guess they lack contrast with the background. Blue is ok but yellow, green, red, orange, purple, as well as the default colour are difficult to see.

  2. Cheatsheet
    It seems that not all formatting options are displayed in the cheatsheet. I think that arrows/symbols are lacking, the blockquote as well.
    If that’s on purpose not to overflow people with options, maybe you could consider having a simplified cheatsheet that may have an extended (full) version that could be toggled on?
    I would not even have realized the blockquote (very useful for my personal vocabulary use case) option existed if I hadn’t run into it in the help forum…

Thanks and keep up with the good work.


Hi @The_Declaration,

Thanks for trying out Supernotes, really happy to hear you are enjoying it! Really appreciate your feedback, that’s very helpful for us!

  1. Colours – I understand where you are coming from. One of the major difficulties is that all of our users are viewing the cards on different monitors / brightnesses, so there is a huge variation with contrast between devices. I will have a look into tweaking the colours in dark mode to improve this!
  2. Cheatsheet – I have just added blockquotes to the cheatsheet in development, and these changes will be live in the next few days. It’s definitely difficult to list all the commands / syntax options, and that’s why we have a card creation section in the Help Center

Have a great day!



Thanks for your time. Appreciated the answers and best of luck with the forthcoming developments.
It’s already a very nice product at such an early stage!

Best regards

Blockquotes now live in cheatsheet as part of 1.7.2.

Yes, just saw that. Thanks Connor.

Best rgds