Keep edit history for a card

I wish the edit history could be preserved for undo in the following cases:

  • When continuously editing a single card.
  • Some of my cards are constructed using HTML, and to check the rendering result, I enter the editing mode again after rendering once. At this point, it becomes impossible to undo, which is somewhat inconvenient.
  • In addition to this case, I wish the history could be preserved even when I check other cards outside and then continue editing the same card.
  • As long as the same card is being edited, I wish it would be possible to continue undoing.

Have a good day!


Thanks for the request. Unfortunately the system for storing undo history is somewhat complex – it requires coordinating with all sorts of different sub-systems, as well as coordinating with other Supernotes clients when you are real-time collaborative editing. As such, my gut feeling is that storing undo history between editing sessions might be too high of a barrier (given the benefit).

However, as always we will think about it more and see if we can come up with a solution.


As an alternative, if it’s possible to view the rendering preview without exiting the edit mode, it seems like my current blocker would be resolved. :slight_smile: