Keyboard Shortcuts for Deleting Parents in Card?

Hi Supernotes Community,

I wanted to check, are there already keyboard shortcuts in place for amending parents in a card? I know we can do the “/” + “Parent” to add parents to a card but how about if I want to remove one? It feels a couple of steps too many at the moment to have to use my mouse to click the Cut button per the below:

A particular use case I’m finding for this with is when I’m linking cards. When I want to link a new card to an existing card but that new card doesn’t exist yet (e.g. if I wanted to deep-dive into a specific definition from my main card and had to create a new card for that which I then want to link to the main card I’m working on). The default logic (which makes sense) is for the newly linked card to use the same parent as the existing card per the snippets below:

Image 1 - Linking new card example

Image 2 - New card uses same parent

But say I wanted to remove the Parent from Image 2 (“Interest Rates and Time Value of…”) and add it to a dedicated “Definitions” parent instead; can I do this with a keyboard shortcut without using a mouse? If not @Connor and @Tobias - do you think this is something you could possibly look to add?

I’m trying to minimise my mouse usage with Supernotes where possible to drive efficiency.

Hope the above makes sense but let me know if any questions.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @Fizzster21,

We’re looking into support for cutting parents with the Multi-select – you can already add parents this way. This should be the quickest way.

You can also ‘move’ a card from one parent to another, by dragging and dropping a card name on top of a new suitable parent in the Outline – you need to hold down ‘Shift’ for this to work, otherwise it will just add a new parent.