Large number of LaTeX blocks cause chromium performance issues


After 1.7.0 updates, my home page got too slow.

Here is two chromium performance records (sorry for non-english texts on profile screenshots)

preview : rendering takes too much time

preview : too low FPS (about 1 ~ 2 fps)

There was no same issue on firefox (I’d test on FF developer version)

And it keeps slow after few minutes on idle state!

Tested on Windows 10 latest stable version.


Hi @laff, thanks for reporting this and the attachments! Very strange, this update should have actually made things quicker, will look into it!

Okay, here is an example using my real card content!
Sorry for non-English language again, the content is just an explanation about K-Means algorithm!

How to reproduce - Method 1

I made an example card. Join below link and see “the children cards view” to generate rendering issues

How to reproduce - Method 2

Just copy & paste below and make some duplicates of it!

(because of the new line character issue, I used pastebin)

English one! :smile:

So I’ve found that this is not issue of CJK language.

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Hi @laff, we have identified that the issue is mostly likely down to our LaTeX renderer. Ideally most cards should only have a handful of LaTeX blocks. We will see what we can do to improve performance!

The new update shouldn’t have made a difference though, did you notice a change once 1.7 was released?

umm… yeah…
Yes, I noticed this after 1.7.0 update literally…

The fact :
I haven’t visited the home screen for a long time while writing cards on children spaces :sweat_drops:

Thanks for identifying the issue & sorry for confusion!

Haha no problem! That makes more sense, if you haven’t visited the Home view in a while.

Best recommendation for the interim is to try sticking with the suggested 1200 character limit, and use unicode more; such as μ rather than $\mu$ to further improve performance.

We’re are working on the new WYSIWYG editor at the moment and will make sure to address this with the next big update.

P.S. I’m updating the title of the thread to more accurately reflect the issue, for future reference :slight_smile:

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thanks for recommendation! I’ll try it!

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