LaTeX - Cropping Bug

Long formulas are often cropped at the card edge; forcing a carriage return doesn’t always work as a workaround.

Hi @noremac,

Thanks for the bug report, this makes a lot of sense. The behaviour you are experiencing is an odd outlier.

The intended use case for in-line LaTeX blocks wrapped with single dollars, $LaTeX$, is short equations or variables. Since these blocks are inline, they do not have a scrolling ability and therefore are cropped if they go on too long.

Instead you should use multi-line LaTeX block wrapped with double-dollars, $$, as you can scroll them horizontally if they overflow. Like the example below (it looks slightly different as it’s our upcoming super editor)

2022-02-09 01.20.39

Unfortunately multi-line LaTeX blocks are not supported within lists at the moment. For text, we generally recommend using Markdown rather than LaTeX. This will improve performance as well as have better overflow behaviour. I hope that helps!

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Thanks for the workaround tip. Some engineering and building science formulas are quite long and wordy. I hope LaTeX functionality within Supernotes continues to expand going forward, adding features like the multiline blocks you mentioned, tables, etc. (I do use Markdown tables a lot.) Overall though, impressive implementation. Supernotes is an easier LaTeX editor than some dedicated ones out there, which are more focused on document creation for entire research papers or academic theses.

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I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before. But I just split up the formula into three separate text blocks with a forced carriage return between words. Works great for these long formulas.

- $\textit{coefficient of utilization} = \textit{percent of light available in the room reaching}\\ \textit{the work plane}$