Leitner system implementation for spaced repetition


As I can see from Supernotes blog articles and other forum posts on here, spaced repetition is a feature that is planned to be implemented in the future. I understand that there are many ways on how to realize that and that the development can be challenging and time consuming.

But for the start, I thought you could implement a simplified version of the leitner system to make the option of spaced repetition at least somewhat available to us users.

My idea for the implemantation of the leitner system would look like this:

  1. Choosing how many “learning boxes” / groups the system should have e.g. 3 boxes.

  2. Choosing the invervals of each learning box e.g. every day, every third day, every week.

  3. Choosing which cards should be added to the boxes.

  4. Instead of having actual “learning boxes”, the cards could simply be given a “learning box” tag e.g. Box 1, Box 2 etc.

  5. Newly added cards would simply have the tag “Box 1” per default.

  6. The cards would then appear in the calender in their respective intervals.

  7. Through the calender and the tags, the user will be able to make use of an easy spaced repetition method and have a good overview. Instead of having a right or wrong system, the user can simply decide himself if a card seems fit to be added to a higher box or if it should stay in the same one or be added to one that is lower.

  8. If the user misses the day, when he was supposed to repeat one of the cards, the card is simply moved to the next day, without following the assigned interval, until the user repeats it. After repeating it, the card is moved again to the next respective date in regard of its tag and the chosen interval.

As an example card A is in box 3 and has to be repeated every week. I repeat it on a monday and the target date is set to a week later, to next monday. If I don’t repeat the card on that day it is moved to the next day. First to tuesday, then to wednesday until it is repeated. If I would then repeat the card again on thursday, the target date is set to a week later again, to next thursday.

Other thoughts I had:

  • Days where a card is to be repeated could be highlighted by marking the day in the calendar with a special colour, for example blue. Also, the more cards have to be repeated on a day, the more intense the colour could be or even change.

  • Regarding point 8. there needs to be be way to check if a card has been repeated or not, for example by making the user tap on it. After tapping on it, the card counts as repeated and is moved to the next date in respect of the box tag.

  • Regarding point 7. Since cards are not always going to be question/learning based and one might not want to add too much of !!spoiler!! sintax to it, cards that have been added to the leitner system, could for example have the option of having the whole body of the card hidden before tapping on it. Or !!spoiler!! sintax added to everything except text with ** Bold ** style.

Just some thoughts and ideas I wanted to share with the community. Below an ilustration of the leitner system.


Great Idea for a simple implementation of the Leitner System :hot_face:
I’d love to see this feature :heart_eyes: Please implement :saluting_face:


I see you’re a very big fan of spaced repetition as well my fellow random supernotes user. :muscle:t4:

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