Links to cards in current view scrolls to linked card, rather than preview

If the card I’m reading links to another card in the same view (i.e. I could read the linked card just by scrolling down far enough) then I think it might be smoother to instantly scroll to the linked card.

I can see benefits for the current system of bringing the linked card up as a preview: one might want to have a quick look at the linked card and then click outside of it to exit preview and return to the original card. So it might be worth having the scroll-to-card option as some sort of short cut, such as alt-click.

Interesting idea! Might not actually be as smooth as you thought since we paginate views over 25 cards, and I’m betting most linked cards will be on a different page. However if we change that it could be quite neat. Although it would have to be a different hotkey as alt + clicking a card link currently pins that card.

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good point!