Log in button on Windows Desktop App doesn't open browser for authentication

Description of the bug
When I open the installation file it gets stuck on the screen.

App & Version
e.g. Windows setup 3.0.2 online

Steps to reproduce
A step-by-step instruction to easily replicate the bug. If you are not able to replicate please mention what you were doing on the app before the bug appeared.

Screenshots / Screen Recording

Hi @phlvn,

Sorry to hear this, could you let us know which version of Windows you are running? And what you current default browser is?

The button should open this link in your browser (https://my.supernotes.app/entry/desktop?signup=false) but it doesn’t seem to be working. As a temporary fix clicking this link will log you in and authenticate your desktop app.

Still does not work, sorry :frowning:

I use microsoft edge. Windows 11 64x

Hi @phlvn,

When you try to sign in using the link above does it try to open Supernotes? Or does nothing happen? Maybe try restarting your computer as well.

Any more information / if you could share a screen recording with us (via help@supernotes.app for your privacy and security) that would be very helpful. In the meantime, the web app (https://my.supernotes.app) should work well on Edge for you :smiley:

We improved the reliability of the Windows Desktop app in Supernotes 3.0.5, marking this as fixed :raised_hands: