Long-Term Vision for Supernotes?

Hi @Connor @Tobias ,

I’ve got to say, I’m absolutely wowed by what you guys have down with Supernotes. To only be a team of two and have developed what you have is really inspiring and I love using it. So much so, that it’s actually got me thinking, what is long-term vision for Supernotes? Being a team of two, the amount of queries you receive and work that goes into responses here in the community but also the development of the product this must be a lot for the both of you.

How do you see things shaping out long-term? Are you looking to build out the team eventually? Or just keep it being run by the two of you. I suppose I’m worried about key-man risk with such an amazing product but only two people (albeit the creators of the product) running it. Will it be sustainable in the long run?

Interested to hear your thoughts.


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Hi @Fizzster21, thanks for your kind words!

Having a two-man team is exactly the reason why we will shape out well in the long-term. We’ve built a sustainable company just the two of us, continuously growing one step at a time but making sure we get things right.

We’ve been around for over 5 years as a company now, precisely because we don’t have a large team, large overheads and aren’t dependent on venture capital – which could artificially push us in the wrong direction or make us look for a quick exit. @Connor and I are just as (or even more) passionate about building the best note-taking and knowledge management tool today vs when we started.

Your feedback here on the Community is instrumental to helping us build that, and as we continue to grow we’re encouraging our Community to help each other – something that is already happening! In that way we can take more of a backseat observational role, with the same feedback helping inform our various developmental and directional decisions.

This is not to say that we won’t grow the team or accept investment in the future, but if we do we’ll make sure to hire the right people and investors. Supernotes is here to stay and we’re proud to have you part of it!


Great response and very encouraging to hear. Thanks!

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I love the attitude here. It really speaks to how the founders really care about their product, and not just about building something up for a quick exit, like a lot of other companies out there. Makes me want to back them even more! That said, I’m a full stack developer myself, and I know a bunch of other excellent junior-mid level full stack devs that would love the opportunity to work on a project like this! Let me know if there’s ever any plans to expand your team to handle more of the incoming requests :slight_smile: