Longevity & Backups


As a user of things like Standard Notes & Obsidian. How does SuperNotes handle backups and can I own my process for backups to external Cloud Storage Providers like Dropbox & Google Drive?

What happens if SuperNotes were to go away for any reason?


Hi @bscott, welcome to the Supernotes Community!

Supernotes is very different from both Standard Notes & Obsidian as we are collaborative rather than a single user experience. For example, if you backup your notes and then restore the backup – what happens if they were shared with other users etc. This makes backups, especially owning the process, a little more difficult to implement. But we recognise the importance of this and it is on our internal feature roadmap (I have added a +1 for this!)

You can already manually export all your notes to markdown and we will be improving these export and import features in an upcoming update.

Rest assured your data is safe with us. We are highly focused on privacy and security, and our server automatically stores encrypted backups of your notes – minimising any possibility for data to be lost. We won’t be going away anytime soon!


@tobias any update on backup topic?

Export as Markdown may be sufficient, but instead manual we can use automatic export of all notes markdown (zipped and download for user)

Hi @lkostrowski,

One of the difficulties with automatic backups to external cloud providers is deciding which one to support (Google Drive, Dropbox etc.) since every user has their own preference. Our goal is to eventually integrate with a few of the popular providers, but in the meantime we are building a more flexible solution coming in the next 1.8 update.

1.8 will bring vast improvements to the Supernotes API (including API keys) that will allow you to use services like Zapier to fetch all your cards and create automatic workflows such as backups. This is a bit more hands on, but will give you a lot more flexibility. Looking forward to sharing this update with you soon!

I think MVP approach could be to just allow to export zip with md or csv, no integrations.

I will write it myself if API allows it, so waiting for 1.8 :slight_smile:

I would agree with the above, also at minimum like most other Note-taking applications, the basic 3 should be offered. Google Drive, Dropbox & Onedrive. I can’t see myself using Super Notes until a decent backup solution is offered and knowing I have a safe format to keep my notes exported too. E2EE or knowing my notes are encrypted at Rest would be a plus.

Hello - I noticed when I export via markdown in a zip file, I noticed none of the tags or links are included in the markdown files. Will those be added in a future update?