Mac Desktop App not opening

Hey there,

I’ve downloaded the App for my desktop yet when i launch it it loads opens the crashes and gets itself caught in this cycle. The only solution to stop it is to force quit. I would love for it to work asap.

Hi @Broberts6,

That’s not good at all, hopefully we can help!

Could you possibly share which mac device / operating system / desktop app you are using? Also if you can take a screen recording of the issue that would be even more helpful! If you aren’t happy sharing this information publicly on the forum feel free to send it to us via the in-app messenger – which you can access by using Supernotes in any web browser –

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Thanks for the quick reply,

I will give. you all the info privately.

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Update for everyone here on the forum.

Beth and I found out that there was a version mismatch for the desktop app causing it to go in a never-ending update loop once opened.

For anyone having this problem in the future. Try a clean install of the Supernotes Mac Desktop App – delete the app and remove the ‘Application Support’ Supernotes folder – /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/Library/Application Support/. And then download and install the latest version from our Download Page.