Manual sort doesn't work as expected

I have found that manual sorting works incorrectly on my collection containing multiple pages of cards.
The problem is that when you drag a card above another, the application places it right below that card. But it works as expected when I place this card as the first card on the page.
Tried to reproduce this on a test collection, but with newly created cards everything works as expected.

UPD: At first I thought it was a multipage collection issue, but I was able to reproduce it on another list of cards.

Hi @Nikitinho,

Thanks for the report, we will look into this! If anyone else notices anything or is able to consistently replicate, please let us know below :slight_smile:

Here’s the video (link)

I managed to get the same bug on a collection with newly created cards, but did not understand what could cause this error.
And it’s also strange that it still works fine if I try to put the card anywhere in the first column (also shown in the video)

Just to clarify, is this only happening for you with certain collections, or it is happening anywhere you try to do manual sort when in Broadsheet mode?

Never mind, managed to isolate the issue. Will be fixed in the next minor release :+1:

Thanks again for reproducing and sharing a video with us, that was very helpful for the debugging process :blush:

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Great news! Waiting for the fix then :slight_smile:
In some collections, the final place of the card after dragging is simply unpredictable.

This has been fixed in 3.0.2, which is now available for all platforms :tada:

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