Markdown in Card Titles

It does not (currently) seem possible to use markdown syntax in card titles. Is markdown in card titles a possibility or does markdown in titles compromise the ability to search/filter/sort cards?

Hi @Mark_Cubberley, thanks for your feature request. Unfortunately, it’s very unlikely that we will support Markdown in titles in the future.

There are many reasons why card titles are plain text from API simplicity to platform behaviour. The main reason is that card titles are relied on heavily as the core component of the platform, and we often modify their emphasis to denote different behaviours / statuses of cards in the platform. e.g. The current card you have in the Noteboard will appear bold in the Outline in the sidebar.

Currently changing the icons and the colors of cards are the best ways to personalise the title / appearance of a card.

I figured as much. I perhaps missed a similar post in my search. Thanks of the reply.

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