Marking checklist items as done in quick succession causes them to bug out occasionally

Description of the bug
when working with lists in the mobile app, there is some buggy behaviour when trying to check things off. I think at least part of the issue is the grey “checked” animation, it works well on desktop but not mobile.

  • As a result we can see checkmarks coming done/undone randomly.


Tangentially, i find myself often accidentally getting into edit mode when “missing” the checkmark, that one is not a bug but a UX/UI issue.

App & Version
iOS App v3.0.4

Hi @fuzzy.beach,

Thanks for the report! This anomaly should only occur if you mark checklist items as done in very quick succession after each other. And in actually fact this isn’t just a mobile bug but “a bug” with any checklist in display mode – since we debounce the requests sent to the API to avoid merge edit conflicts.

Definitely not ideal though and we will see what we can do to improve this :slight_smile:

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Fixed in 3.0.5!

Was this fixed? I am seeing the exact same behaviour as before on 3.0.5.

2023-11-25 00.00.56

Should be! Here is what it looks like on my system.

I’m still seeing a bit of old behaviour on mobile specifically, will try to screen capture when i have time

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