Math LaTeX justify text?


I would like to know if I have the possibility to align left or right several lines of latex equations. $$ $$

In latex something like \being{align} \end{align} would be used but here none of the usual solutions work.
Is that possible ?
It is very useful for a note that is a step by step explanation of some formula.

Thanks for the help !


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I’d really appreciate this too! I’ve been just using \\ for line breaks, but it’s not as nice-looking because it’s not aligned.

Hi @rXpSwiss and @joplin6167,

We use the KaTeX library for LaTeX equations in Supernotes, almost all functions are supported.

However, KaTeX does not support the align environment because LaTeX doesn’t support align in math mode. The aligned environment offers the same functionality but in math mode, so please use that instead, like so:

\frac{\partial l_n}{\partial w}&=-[\frac{y_n}{\sigma(z)}\sigma'(z)x - \frac{1-y_n}{1-\sigma(z)}\sigma'(z)x] \\ 
&= \frac{\sigma(z)-y_n}{\sigma(z)[1-\sigma(z)]}\sigma'(z)x \\

Thank you very much. It works great.
Now I know I’ll be looking at the KaTeX documentation for those type of things so I won’t need to bother the community here.