Menu UX - The barrier that's keeping me from making the switch to SuperNotes

Hello, all!

I really want to fully transition to Supernotes. I really, really do.

…but there’s a barrier to that, in that I find it really hard to use Supernotes as a notes tool, and it’s actually just one simple thing. On the left-hand menu, I expect to click on a Category and have whatever I click to appear in the Notesboard, however, I get this weird intermediary screen, containing the parent card, if I bothered to create one…which is really frustrating.

If, every time you opened a door, a big plastic hand came down from the frame and said “Do you really want to open this door?” - You’d probably open a lot fewer doors… And would probably just go back to using Nuclino or Roam, or whatever other door opens first time, with one click…

I expect a flow with the red dots…But instead, I get black (the aforementioned plastic-hand of pain)

…And I know that you can double click - But I would argue that it would be better to switch the clicking behaviour, where a single click - takes you to where you want to be (i.e. the list of notes you’ve just tried to click on)…and double click opens up the parent page

Adding this up - It looks like this:

  • Expected number of clicks: 1
  • Actual number of clicks: 5

It’s really hard to get my head around, because, when I’m in a browser, I don’t default to a double click for a primary action, which I would argue - clicking on a menu to see child cards, is.

The UX on the cards section is close to perfect! The menu, though, is what is making SN unusable for me, so here I am on a message board, complaining…Because what else can one do?


I would like to object really quick. The you in that sentence refers to you very specifically. I, for one, do not think of cards as mere containers but as something that has actual content, so I like the current behaviour.

So obviously, it comes down to preference. If changes are made here, I’d opt for a settings switch.


We will be adding a user preferences menu soon, and will make sure to allow you to customise the keybindings to your preference :partying_face:

We built Supernotes so you can use it in any way you like, so if you prefer to have cards with no content like folders then you can. But as @freisatz mentioned, Supernotes becomes really powerful when all cards contain content - it’s hard to get out of the mindset of folders and documents since we are all so used to it, but when you do it’s game changing.

Does this include click-bindings though. The main problem for me is the double-click - It feels unnatural in a browser for a common action

Yes this will include the click-bindings as well!

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