Menus are transparent and do not blur background on Firefox for Windows

I stumbled upon a difference in transparency

This is on the web app on windows 11, Version 3.0.2:


and this is the view on the website:


also on the website - it gets a little distracting when you want to change sth:


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Hi @isaiur,

This shouldn’t be happening at all, may I ask which browser you are using? We officially support Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

I’m using the current version of Firefox. I can try it in Chrome and Safari later this day.

So this is an interesting bug. In theory Firefox should support the use of blurred backdrops (which is the way the menus are readable on our Desktop apps), and indeed we’ve tested with Firefox 117.0 on macOS and aren’t able to replicate this issue.

However, Firefox 117.0 specifically on Windows 11 seems to have an issue with this – so this is a bug with Firefox rather than us. You can check out Mozilla’s official backdrop-filter page here.

So not a really Supernotes bug but we will implement a workaround regardless. We will report this to Mozilla also and hopefully they’ll fix it before us :innocent:

Thanks. Will definitely look into this on the page.