Merging different cards into one card

I collect notes from different sources, so sometimes I can have two or more cards with the same topic or title but with different related tags attached to them. Could it be possible to have an option to merge those cards so that all the tags are fused into one card

Hi @jeannewemail ,

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That’s a very interesting idea that we could look into. Although it will probably be quite challenging to implement given that there is a lot more associated with cards than just their content and tags, such as likes, comments, permissions, members etc.

We will be adding a ‘bulk-edit’ option soon though which might suit your use-case. This will allow you to quickly select a few cards and add tags, favourite, add parents etc. all in one go. Let me know if you think that might work well for you!

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Hi Tobias thank for your quick answer, the bulk-edit option will be very useful but I was trying to limit the number of duplicate cards .
I really like supernotes , I was looking for an app like that for years, I use it to take notes for the USMLE , for history, arabic learning, bills… I’m starting to have a lot of notes and when adding notes on the go I noticed that I added 2 or 3 notes that were almost similar , this is why I wanted to merge them. (my note are mostly made of lots of tags so that I can quickly jump from tags to tags)

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