Mixed results with Markdown tasks

Sometimes when I try to create a MD task, the note gets formated as a bullet point with squared brackets behind it, instead of creating a todo.

Video example: https://imgur.com/a/CBxazax

What am I doing wrong? It fells like a hit or miss at the moment.

Hi @Yannic,

It all looks good to me. Please note just writing - [ ] at the start of a line is not valid syntax to create a checklist item. You need to have a least some text afterwards such as - [ ] item 1. I hope that helps!

Please note this generally applies to all lists. If you make a task list but do not include content, we assume it is a general bullet list and continue from there. If you create a dash (-) and do not follow that with any content, we assume you are done with the list and so remove that last dash.