[Mobile] Ignore first tap on link when using spoiler markdown


I worked a lot today with the spoiler markdown. I noticed when you have a link inside the spoiler markdown and you click on it to reveal the text and accidentally hit the link, it opens the link straight in the browser.

Would it maybe possible to change it this way that the link only opens when the text is revealed?

Hi @DunkinDonuts,

We’ve noticed this as well, and we’re looking into a solution for this. On Desktop, there’s no need to click since you can hover to reveal, but the bigger issue is on mobile devices where tapping is required to reveal as this will then will also activate the link.

I’ve bumped up the priority of this and hopefully we can get something out soon for you :slight_smile:

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Hi @DunkinDonuts,

I looked into this today, and unfortunately it’s not a simple improvement, as it creates unreliable behaviour across different platforms. A workaround for now is to add more text within the spoiler so only a small portion is a link ∴ you are less likely to press it.

We’ll keep this front of mind though and hopefully we will be able to add the desired behaviour a different way soon.