Mobile: Scroll cursor into view when activating keyboard

When touching the pencil icon to start editing a card on mobile, it would be nice if the cursor at the end of the card could be scrolled into view. Currently if the card is long, then the cursor is behind the popup on-screen keyboard, and drag scrolling is required to bring the cursor into view.
I’m on Android, and I see this in both the native app and on the Brave browser.

Hi @michaeldurland, thanks for your feature request.

We had this behaviour previously, but found it more annoying than useful. Since there’s often times where you’d like to edit the start of the card, rather than always at the bottom where the cursor will initially be.

On desktop, we’re assuming most cards won’t be taller than your screen height; but if you do have the occasionally long card you can press an arrow key to jump to where the cursor is. On mobile, since there are no arrow keys you can’t do this. However we are currently developing a mobile keyboard toolbar and I’ve made a note to add a button to locate the cursor. This will also be helpful if you are reading another bit of a long card and want to jump back to where you are editing.

How does that sound to you?

That sounds like a reasonable compromise to appease different work scenarios. I’m looking forward to the mobile updates!

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Here’s more I noticed today:

  1. Whenever I touch somewhere to move the cursor within the card editor, the card scrolls back up to the top. So if I have positioned the cursor lower down in the card, I again have to scroll to where I just touched. This is kind of annoying.
  2. If the cursor is on the very bottom line above the keyboard, then either word wrap or carriage return will cause the cursor to move to the next line to type, but that new line is under the keyboard so I immediately have to drag scroll to see what I’m tying. This is kind of annoying too.

I think in general, once the cursor is positioned to type, and then typing begins, the typing should stay visible in view with the cursor, including these two scenarios above.

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