More robust Markdown import

There are a couple suggestions here, one of them really specific and one of them maybe more general.

First, the really specific one: There is a version (that seems to be gaining lots of popularity) of Zettelkasten knowledge management that exclusively uses DateTimes as ID of the format YYYYMMDDHHmm. These will often be put at the beginning of the note title/file name, e.g.: “202001011245 note title”. It would be nice if this was detected and used to set the created date of the card, possibly removing the ID of the card when creating it.

The second one: parsing Markdown Frontmatter and using various “common” attributes to fill out data on cards. (when you finish the feature to have arbitrary user-creatable metadata, it would be really cool to just import the entire Frontmatter into the metadata) The biggest example being if there is something like “Tags” in the Frontmatter, automatically adding those tags to the cards.

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