Moving from Noteplan, missing features

Hi there!

I am considering noteplan because I saw this page A Noteplan Alternative | Supernotes and am looking to replace NotePlan as my daily note and planner driver.

In trying SuperNotes however, I can’t find a way to replace what are the main propositions of Noteplan. That is:

  1. Smooth calendar integration on MacOS/ iOS
  2. Easy timeblocking with a “daily card”, where you have an automatic card per date and can say “Review Draft 2-4pm” inline to auto-create a time block (either visible in your calendar or in-app, you can choose per task". You will then get reminders for this timeblock, etc.

Are there ways to accomplish this or plans to add this kind of functionality soon?

Hi @roland, first off welcome to the Supernotes Community!

As I’m sure you know yourself, note-taking is very personal and finding the right system for you is sometimes difficult, since each app and platform offers different ways to store and recall your knowledge – some may work better for you than others. It’s also important to be open minded and understand the nuances of how a different system can help you, as trying previous approaches to taking notes in one system might not work in another.

We’ve previously had members move to us from Noteplan who wanted to focus more on linking and connecting their ideas together and weren’t as interested in the tight Calendar integration. If a tight Calendar integration is vital to you, Supernotes may not be your ideal app. However I encourage you to think differently of how you could approach and tackle the same challenges with a different system such as Supernotes.

Going over your main points:

  1. Adding Calendar Sync functionality is an open feature request and something we’ve considered adding in the future. Please share your use cases over in that topic so we can get a better understanding of how we can help you. It may be that there’s ways Supernotes can already help you, so let us know specific workflows / reasons you like the Calendar sync.
  2. We have a different approach to time management on Supernotes. If you add a date in the title of a card, this automatically assigns the “targeted date” of a notecard to be that day. We don’t time block / send reminders, so you can discover these cards organically or within your “thoughts” collection. This removal of time urgency can help some people get things done quicker. Instead of needing to create a task “review draft at 2pm”, on Supernotes let’s say your draft hasn’t been categorised in a “parent” card yet so is showing up automatically in your “Thoughts” collection → waiting for review when you most inspired to go over it.

If you have any additional questions, just let us know, we’re always on hand to help :smiley:

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@tobias Thank you for the welcome! Ah okay, those are fair points.

  1. I would say calendar integration is quite vital to me :smile: I will definitely leave an upvote and my opinion on that thread!
  2. I think it’s fair to have a different angle to this, but I’m not sure this will be the right fit. I love that a dated card auto-assigns to a date, that’s a step in the direction I am looking for. I will give this an honest try but I am worried its too loose for me if that makes sense :sweat_smile: I am a person that needs very rigid structure and knowing when to do what based on what I plan the day before is a must, so while removal of urgency may help others I definitely need the urgency and more importantly ordered structure to kickstart my day and having easy timeblocks tied to the day card is the easiest way I have found to achieve this.

Would it be sensible to make the second bullet a feature request? While I am still looking at options, I really like the design/fell of SuperNotes, and search function. Both are things that Noteplan does so so in my humble opinion.

No problem at all, that’s what we are here for @roland! Happy to hear you’re a fan of our design and search, we’ve spent a lot of time getting that right.

Please do go ahead and join the discussions and create your own feature requests, we’d love to hear what other members of the community think about timeblocks → I’m sure there’s many out there with similar workflows.

I’m glad to see my calendar sync integration is getting some love.

It’s the only thing preventing me (and I assume others) from moving over full-time.

I would be a customer for life. I would buy a 4-year plan right away.

If you want some inspiration, you can see how Mem and Twos have done it.