Multiple threads

Hi, internet only started supernotes but I’m already in love with it! It’s so pleasing to the eye. 1 thing I would like is multiple threads? Or even just 2? My notes open in 1 section and possibly the option for showing backlinks to the right of it? I’m also a power user on Twitter and save loads of threads, would love it if there was a way to incorporate that. I know these might be niche features and not everyone would use. However so far, I’m def loving this note taker!!!

Hi @warren, welcome to the Supernotes Community! :tada:

Thank you for the kind words, it’s great to hear you are enjoying Supernotes. What do you mean exactly by having multiple threads? Do you mean multiple noteboards side-by-side where you can edit multiple cards at the same time?

We will be adding a new backlinks section to a parent card Noteboard soon. As for a twitter thread integration, I’ve made a note to support this when we continue to build out our integrations.