My: I really want to love this app!

I really like the app, for example
the idea of working with “little notes (snippets)” and the idea of the tags and the parents card.
But in the daily working it feels not so “comfortable”,
I am not coming in a realy flow.

For example the editing:
I am a “” power user, and i am so fast with using the “slash-commands”,
for example make a “todo” list or other things like,
duplicating, change into …, …
or to make a templates.
It feels more natural in compare with supernotes.

Another example,
the working/editing make a parent-card stops my workflow.

i think the handling is not so optimize

i hope somebody will understand me :slight_smile:

There’s been a few of these posts now and I think there’s a growing frustration of the popup and noteboard UX, which I believe the team have acknowledged and will hopefully address soon.

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Hi @micaelo, thanks for sharing your thoughts! As @rawkode has mentioned, we are working on improving the flow and ergonomics of card creation / editing.

Supernotes is quite different from Notion, and our distinctly different display / edit views has it’s advantages, especially when scrolling through cards with the up / down arrow keys and pressing enter to edit a card. Once you get used to it, it’s very powerful and often a lot faster. We recognise that this can be improved, like the ‘todo’ list you have mentioned and our editing experience will be greatly improved with the arrival of our new editor.

We are working on quite a few big things at the moment (desktop apps, mobile apps, 1.7 release) and are looking forward to sharing these with you! Hopefully you will be a Supernotes power user in no time! :tada:

Thanks :hugs:

I will give my best :sunglasses:

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@micaelo, @tobias

I also had to adjust to the flow initially. I have become used to the card preview and open scheme and rather like it to see what’s in the card before you decide to jump into the card or see it’s parents/children.

I’ve given some thought to the friction people get with the card structure though. I think people coming to Supernotes are coming from two camps. Either the hierarchy camp where they are used to everything being visible in the folder/file structure or the Roam camp where they don’t worry about it due to back linking (the big difference is automatic back links done INLINE)

I’ve given some thought to this and I think Supernotes could have an advantage in that it can offer both via a potentially easy user-selectable option. If users who are used to a nested file structure could toggle all notes to DEFAULT to priority visibility they would get that functionality.

Users who like the current setup could leave it defaulted to visible as it is now. For this group however, there still seems to be friction. I think this requires two changes. First, bulk editing. The ability to select multiple cards and apply a visibility setting, color setting, junk setting, etc. would allow better control especially once cards start building up.

Second, similar to the request to allow inline tagging via the hashtag, Supernotes would do well to allow inline back links via the double brackets. This is becoming commonplace and expected among note apps. The slash command could stay in place as it is a good trigger for the 5 or 6 available options but the ability to do tagging and linking inline opens up the potential of Supernotes as the premier zettelkasten tool.