Networked thought and other features

First, I would like a Roam- like networking to be implemented. Personally, I would like to see a Mind map format, that can be toggled with the SIdebar. One can see braches of Parent cards and any non-attached cards. In addition, One can link cards or have two parent cards, this will then connect them through lines and slowly, become somewhat like Roam.
Secondly, a feature definitely lacking is multi-select. This can help with organisation like addressing different cards through tags or parents
Thirdly, I would like to see more than just cards that contain text. I would like to see cards that can contain tables, graphs, web inserts, pdfs and docx, making supernotes more versatile and can act like a storage cabinet for projects.
Finally, some simple features I would like to see. I would like to see instant recognition and headers when typing. For example, when “-” is used, I want a bullet to immediately appear, instead of having to press ctrl + enter. Also, one can use some keyboard shortcuts to have headers to make classifying topics in a single card easier. If numbered list could be added, that would be great too!

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Hi @Gulpin, thanks for writing down your thoughts!

  1. In the works. A graph view is something we are currently designing. Slightly more complex than Roam, as both nesting (parents/children) and linking can be represented as a graph, and preferably we’d like to be able to show both at once. But we will hopefully have something for you all soon.
  2. This is already high-priority in the works, as we agree that this is an important feature for allowing you to work with many cards at once.
  3. Internally, we are calling these “Card Types”, and they are also a planned feature. We hope to integrate with 3rd party services as well so that you can have a “Google Docs” card, etc.
  4. A WYSIWYG editor is another thing we want to build out. The current plan is to include this with card types above, so that you can choose to have a Markdown vs. a WYSIWYG editor. Generally we want the two modes two be interchangeable, as raw text in the editor has some advantages over WYSIWYG if you are comfortable with the syntax.

I will add your +1 to all of these features in our internal roadmap, thank you for laying them out. We will of course let you (and everyone else know) as soon as any of these features are ready!


Just thought of some other feature, Flash cards, It would be good to hide some infomation and when clicked on then appear, I know that there is already the spoiler function but that disappears when my cursor hovers over it

Hi @Gulpin, great idea! Flashcards are another “Card Type” that we plan to add in the future. I have added a +1 to this feature in our internal roadmap. :raised_hands: