New member to SN


I am new user of Sn and also new member to this community. Do I log in to this community with the same email and password I use when I created an account to SuperNotes?

Hi @CyberSmurfen, welcome to the Supernotes Community :raised_hands:

Yes you do! We host the Community Forum as well, so all your data is kept with us and not with a third party provider :slight_smile:

If you have any other questions let us know and we’ll be happy to help!

So does that means when I am loged in to supernotes I can directly switch to this community or go back to NS again without using my email and password?

Hi @CyberSmurfen, no they are different sessions.

You have to log in both times, when you log into the app and when you log in to the community, for security purposes. Although you will only have to this every so often, you will stay logged in.

Do you have any feature in NoteSnook if I wanna create a blog or Daybook oreven write a book?

Hi @CyberSmurfen,

You can explore all our features on our homepage and have a look at our Help Center to get started.

You also view an accurate list of all of Supernotes features compared to other apps here (although I’m not sure notesnook is on there).

We’ve had many Supernotes members use Supernotes to write books or create blogs via our API, although a little developer knowledge is needed for that!

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