New modifier key for drag and drop: Move from CURRENT parent

With multiple parents, I frequently want to move a card to a new card I created when interacting with it in some context/branch in a tree (in the noteboard OR on the outline).

Right now, we have the option of holding down Shift while dropping to remove ALL the parents of a card and add a new parent.

I’m proposing a new modifier key (OPT or ALT seem intuitive for me – perhaps OPT + SHIFT to avoid confusing new users) to remove only the parent in the context of where the drag was started, while keeping the OTHER parents intact.

For example, when reviewing a project’s note (it’s children), I find a bunch of log cards that are notes on a specific task from that project that doesn’t have it’s own a card yet. These log notes often have additional parents eg the topics they are related to.

I create a card for that task in the context I’m in. This task card is a child of the project card. I want to add this task card as a parent to the log note and remove the project note as a parent, WHILE maintaining the OTHER parents (eg the topics).

In other words I want to replace as a parent the project card with the task card, without removing the log card from the other branches it’s in.

Should work on:

  1. the outline (ie moving a note from the outline would add/replace the dropped-into note as a parent and remove the outline parent where the note was dragged-from)
  2. dragging a note from the noteboard to a note in the outline
  3. dragging a note from the outline to a note in the noteboard
  4. dragging a note from the noteboard to another note in the noteboard.
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I’d love that too!