New PKM user coming from a short stint at

I’ve had a very short ( < 1 week ) stint with I’d love to request a few features.

  1. I’d love to see an AI chatbot. I don’t necessarily need it to write my notes for me. I’m more worried about using AI to help me search through all the knowledge. The little bit of AI chatting I did with was freaking AWESOME.

  2. I really like their concept of the People section. They were able to integrate with Gmail to help you build the PKM around all the people you interact with. I don’t use Gmail (Hey by 37Signals) but I like the concept and would’ve considered switching to Gmail if I was going to stick with

  3. They don’t have a length limit. I know the limit is a soft limit, but on the desktop app I was presented an error message that indicated it couldn’t/wouldn’t save the note. It ended up saving the note and I can even see it on the web interface, which makes this even more confusing and less “super” of a note. Most of my notes will be short, but I don’t like having limitations. I want the ability to create a long note whenever and however I want.

  4. Any chance you’ll make it so we can work with the Markdown visually? Like a WYSIWYG editor? I want to be able to use tables like I could with Notion, but without all the functions and equations that you can accomplish with their tables. I also don’t need a database, I just want to organize things from time to time using a table. I know I can do this with Markdown, but it’s a bear to do a Markdown table and I end up using a website to generate this for me. Very counter-intuitive.

That’s all I’ve got for now! Please don’t get rid of the ability to see tasks.

Another former Mem user here. I really like Mem’s chat functionality, although testing it out again today has shown me how hard this is. I would ask what notes I made today and it would have no idea and that I would have to check in my Mem app to see…yeah.

But a good chat search would be absolutely killer. Especially in Supernotes where your notes are already in a nice card format.

I like the idea of a People section. I have created a version of that myself in SuperNotes with a People parent card and then people have their own card below that. I’m still deciding on if I should link to people or add the card under them as a child card. I’m leaning towards linking right now.

You’ll love SuperNotes. Offline and good design is killer in a note-taking app.