New standard filters suggestions

I suggest to add several new standard filters:

  • Unindexed cards (to filter cards currently not in Index)
  • Big cards (cards which body is more than 1200 characters long)
  • Shared (to quickly find shared cards)
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Looks like there is (?) Hidden filter:

Hidden (only available in parent cards) - All the cards you may have hidden within a parent.

It is mentioned in the docs, but is not available in my SN (1.4.5).

Update: I see, the Hidden filter appears only when there are some hidden cards.

Some good thoughts here, we are definitely working to make filters more sophisticated / configurable (in addition to new types of filters, we would like to support more complex logical operations between filters as well).

With regards to the “hidden” filter, the concept of “hiding” only exists within a card view (not in home or junk), so that filter should be automatically available/unavailable based on context.

Hidden is actually being replaced in the next version of Supernotes with “archived”, which will be similar but will apply to everyone within the context, not just the user that does the archiving. That flow is much more requested (no one is using hiding for anything that isn’t covered by archival) and we want to keep the options to as few as possible lest it become impossible to figure out what everything does.

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Another one:

  • Cards with images

This is a bit of a hack at the moment, and will give you some false positives, but you can currently “filter” for certain content using the search bar, because it searches the markdown.

Searching for ![ will show you all cards with images.

Similar searches include:

``` : show all cards with code blocks

$$ : show all cards with LaTeX blocks

- [ ] : show all cards with unchecked todos

And so on. We have plans for a more consistent approach in the future, but in the meantime this actually works very effectively.


Thanks, this is useful!