New unofficial spaced repetition Add-on for Supernotes

Hey Supernotes Community,
I started developing an “add-on” for Supernotes,
that has the plan to integrate spaced repetition into Supernotes.
Now, it’s important to be reminded of the fact that,
this software is still in heavy development.
But I thought that it now with the 0.1 release has reached a point,
where it can be made public, since the core is somewhat implemented.
If you were willing to, I’d love some support in the form of Issues or Push Requests,
since that just brings the project further, and that’s the main goal.
To build a project that can be used to integrate spaced repetition into Supernotes.
More Info on why I build the project over on GitHub.
Now I’d love to talk or chat with a few of you about this project if you need help or have some questions.
In that case, just message me on revolt(Jotrorox#2498)/discord(oa3#9718) or just write a reply here on the forums.
That’s enough talking for now. Here you can find the project on GitHub.
Kind Regards


Thanks for sharing it! I‘ll test it asap.

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Happy to hear that, just tell me if you have questions.
The Vocab cards are declared using the “- [ ]” Operation and the super-vocab-card tag.
As I said it’s still in heavy development but every Feedback helps to make it better.

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