Newline characters not being accepted by the api

Hey Supernotes Community,
I started developing an unofficial Supernotes Add-on,
that has the main focus to add a spaced repetition System to standard Supernotes Cards.
This System should be basically a light version of the remnote approach to spaced repetition.
Now I have the problem that I can’t update multiline cards as stated in the issue on GitHub.
The part of code that is relevant in this case would be in src/, as well as in src/markup_updater.
If anyone has an Idea of why this is not working, please tell me or make a pull request.
And if anyone has questions/further ideas regarding the project, don’t bother to ask me about it.

Side note:
The project is still in development and not even near a state where I would call it complete,
so please don’t use it right now or if you really want to, keep this in mind.

Here are a few screenshots of the requests and the updated markdown.

Response get cards request:

Gotten Markdown and updated markdown:

Response to update card patch request:

Hi @jmueller,

Thanks for sharing this on the forum. For the update you don’t need to send the whole request back, just the part you wish to modify, like so:

New line characters with \n work perfectly and render the card like so:

You probably know this already, but you can quickly play around with responses in the Swagger docs (to authorize add your API key in the top right of the interface), which I definitely recommend doing for debugging as it’s very helpful for quick identifying where things are going wrong.

I hope that helps. Good luck with the add-on!

Thanks alot i fixed it by replacing the somehow occurring \n with \n