No superscript rendering?

Hi, new user here :slight_smile:

I noticed that the editor seemingly can’t render superscript in Markdown? When I edit the card, the ^ ^ is greyed out, like with correct syntax. But upon saving and viewing the card, WISIWIT …

Instead of β^1^ / β^2 I get β^1^ / β^2^ (though honestly, I don’t know much about markdown, beyond the basics :sweat_smile:)

Help would be very much appreciated, as I need to use both super- and subscript quite often.

Edit: apparently it doesn’t work here, either …

Hi MacGI, MarkDown is a rather limited markup language which doesn’t support superscript in its common syntax (there are some extensions that do, but, oh well, MarkDown is a mess). Fortunately, Supernotes does allow embedding of LaTeX code, which allows to render superscript and subscript characters using pretty much the syntax you proposed.


LaTeX is a super complex language for typesetting focused on math that, other than MarkDown, doesn’t aim at human readibility.

To use LaTeX code within the Supernotes markup, type $...$ for inline elements and


for code blocks. Also, have a look at this cheat sheet to get started with the syntax.

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An alternative to using Latex is to use plain HTML, like so

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Thank you for your reply!

I figured out that HTML works after posting, lol. But I left it online, for anyone else encountering the issue.

As I have been meaning to get into LaTex anyway, I appreciate you sharing the cheat sheet, makes it so much easier now. As I don’t have a mind for coding/programming languages, it’s definitely needed, as LaTex will need to be used heavily in my notes/in future essays …

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